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Elkins Parking Lot Striping

Your parking lot is often the first thing clients and customers notice when visiting your facility. A neatly striped lot indicates that the property owner is serious about safety and maintaining a safe environment.
Crosswalks help pedestrians stay safe. Parking lots that are clearly marked will help improve traffic flow and maximize parking. Ensuring you have the proper number handicap and signage is crucial for keeping your lot ADA compliant and avoiding fines. We can help with all aspects of the job.

Parking lot in Elkins WV with ADA compliant striping

Parking Lot Design: Some Considerations

No matter if a lot is new or has been seal coated, markings will determine the flow and layout of traffic. It is important to take into account many factors when designing a safe, thoughtful and efficient striping or marking system. Here are some examples of factors to consider:

Maximize space: A good layout and parking lot striping will help you to get as many cars as possible into your parking lot.

ADA Guidelines Every parking lot owner is affected regardless of its size or business. If your lot does not meet ADA regulations, you can be fined.

Traffic Flow Efficiency Parking stalls, arrows, and disable stalls are properly placed to direct drivers so that they can enter, park, and exit safely.

Parking Lot Layout Options

Layouts are designed to offer the best possible traffic flow and stalls while maintaining safety for pedestrians and motorists.

A straight-in design may be best suited depending on the size of your parking lot. Straight-in stalls typically can hold the most stalls and allow for two-way traffic. Angled stalls may work better because of obstacles such as utility boxes, light poles, fire lanes, and other obstructions. Angle stalls allow for one-way traffic flow, making it easier for drivers to turn in and out of them.

How Often Should I Restripe My Parking Lot?

It depends. The simple answer is when the lines are starting to get hard to see. How much traffic, weather and snow removal impact how often your lot will need to be restriped.

How Long Does it Take For Paint To Dry?

The drying time of the paint will depend on the location and weather conditions. If we use waterborne paint, parking lots can be driven within one hour. Lines are dry in approximately four hours. The drying process can be slowed by cold weather or a lack of sunshine.

How Many Disabled Parking Stalls do I need

The number of accessible stalls and van-accessible stalls is based on the total number of stalls your parking lot has. The ADA has very clear guidelines on the number of accessible stalls, markings, and signage. Rest assured, we are well versed in ADA guidelines and make sure your parking lot complies with with these guidelines.

Why Choose Elite Sealcoating?

Elite Sealcoating is the best sealcoating contractor you can trust to do the job right the first time. We can handle all your parking lot maintenance needs. We are a leader in asphalt services and have built our reputation on quality, integrity, reliability.

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